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Is it true we need more sleep in the winter?

While most Americans say they sleep more in the winter, they really don’t need it, but it is easier!
In the winter people usually sleep 1.9 minutes longer during the week and 6.5 minutes on the weekends.
Our biological need for sleep is pretty consistent. Our bodies are very responsive to light, or the lack of it. You have probably heard of melatonin, right? It is a natural substance in our bodies that helps promote sleep. In the Winter, in this northern hemisphere, fewer hours of sunlight allow our bodies to produce more melatonin earlier in the evening. Hence, sleepier earlier, which may relate to more sleep.

Sweet dreams,
Joe, Jean, Donna & Jessa

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Back by popular demand!

Virtual Trivia with The Spouses Selling Houses Team.

Joe, Jean and Donna will take you through 4 rounds of seasonal trivia. Each round has a prize.

Join the fun! Bring a friend, gather the family around the computer, but please register below first.

See you there!

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Our VIP’s - Karin Mustari and Cathy Gervens enjoying their monthly gift. You can be a VIP and enjoy monthly gifts too --- just Buy, Sell or refer someone who does and you are in!

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Team doings in January!

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