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Top 5 reasons why people move in 2024...

Can you guess the top 5 reasons people are moving this year?

They are….

  1. Need a bigger or smaller space
  2. Family ties
  3. Inheritance
  4. Remote work/transfers
  5. Buy their first home!

Is this you? If so give us a call. We can discuss your needs, wants and what will work for your timeline. Also, we will lend our experience, knowledge, top-notch communication, smiling faces and our satisfaction guarantee!


Let’s get YOU moving,
Joe, Jean, Donna & Jessa

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The weatherman says it’s going to get really cold around here in Chicagoland next week. So, we thought these winter tips might be helpful for you:

Tips for reducing energy use - (According to ComEd)

  • Turn your thermostat down when no one is home and at night. Set it back 7 to 10 degrees when leaving the home for 8 or more hours. Set it back 3 or 4 degrees at night.
  • Take advantage of the Sun! Open the blinds and window coverings during the day.
  • Switch ceiling fans to clockwise to better circulate warm air.

Frostbite! What should you do?
Frostbite is a condition where the skin and the tissue just below the skin freeze, mostly affecting exposed small body parts like fingers or toes. Signs can be burning, numbness, or pain as well as red, white or blue-ish white skin. Treatment should include getting out of the cold or wet clothing and warm the part with warm but not hot water. If the skin starts to blister this could be severe frostbite and one should seek out medical attention.

Do you really need to worry about your pipes freezing?
Well, you should keep a watchful eye for any pipes that are near outside walls when the temperature drops below 20 degrees. Run the hot and cold water just enough to drip until the temperature warms up again.

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This is Perry Olsen and he is holding our 2024 calendar magnet. Perry is the “photographer” but actually, he is a pilot and the picture was taken from a plane over Chicago. Perry is also a Maine West alum - 1981 with Donna. If you didn’t get yours, or want one, just let us know!

We are always looking for new cool photos of the Chicagoland area for our calendars. If you have one, or take one later this year, send it our way and it could be our calendar picture for 2025! Happy New Year!

Perry Calendar Blog.jpg

Team doings in December!

Jessa was invited as a Resource Speaker at the Symposium on Upholding the Mental Health, Rights and Welfare of the Children in support of the Barangay Council for Protection of Children (BCPC)!

She also visited her Psychology Professor at her alma mater - great first person to meet and plan for 2024.

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Donna Jan Blog.jpg

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Need a lender? That really should be the first stop for buyers. They can help you to figure out what you can afford and answer all those questions about down payments and more!

Call Chris Weis - he can also tell you why a credit union might be your best bet.
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